A lot of work goes into a successful Airbnb hosting. Check out these simple hacks to maximise your returns whilst minimising the time you spend

Automate your check-in

Automate your check-in procedure using a self-check-in option. Guests could be arriving irregularly and you or your CoHost may not be able to make a time that is convenient. By providing your guests with a self-check-in option using a digital or coded lockbox, you can provide that extra level of service that your competitors might lack. It also means you won’t have to deal with unforeseen delays such as missed or delayed flights, or even nuisance guests who just are unreliable.

Create a ‘how-to’ for your Airbnb

Create a ‘how-to’ guide of your property! This saves your guests and your valuable time, and you will be able to avoid those additional calls from guests asking for help. This could be as simple as writing instructions for where the light switches are, how to use the cooking appliances or how to run the laundry machine and tumble-drier. It should also explain how to connect to the internet, and any other common questions you might have. This is also an opportunity to get on the front foot about any little imperfections your property might have and can reduce the number of complaints you might receive and therefore improve your review score. One such example for a property ‘how-to’ was that guests were recommended to use their air conditioner and leave their windows shut, due to a large jasmine vine on the property which some guests were allergic to the pollen of.

Use a professional housekeeping service

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Using a professional housekeeping service will add that extra touch that will set your property apart from competitors. This makes sure that everything is perfect, especially in wet areas such as the Kitchen and Bathroom, where we find most guests concentrate their reviews on. Your property needs to compete with hotels and another high performing AirBnBs, which all use professional housekeeping services. Having a professional housekeeper will save you time, and having this incorporate an on-demand linen service means your property can be run hands-off. This gives you peace of mind knowing your guests are receiving the highest quality stay and will review as such. Oh and by the way, ensure you use high-quality white linen and towels – our guests all comment on its lovely and clean appearance, which is why hotels all around the world choose this colour.

Get a maintenance manager

Property maintenance can be a headache for all rental owners. Whether that’s conventional rental contracts or short term. However, the unique demands of short term rentals mean that its imperative any maintenance is dealt with quickly and efficiently. For example, a leaking tap could be a dealbreaker and result in a guest cancelling their stay – which we have seen. However, on the flip side, we have also seen if this is dealt with urgently that it is left as a significant positive review on the property, thanking the hosts for immediately dealing with their concern. To ensure maintenance is dealt with in the urgency it should be, appointing a maintenance manager to us is a no brainer for optimising your listings performance passively.

Hire a property management service

If you want to benefit from all of these hacks and value your time, then consider using a property management service. A trustworthy and hard-working property management service can take care of all your short term rental needs, and boost your rental profit. Find out how much you could earn from your property with B&B Hospitality

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